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Bidding on French Estates online auctions

Buying a property at auction with French Estates Bidable LIVE is simple.

The process is easy to follow and user-friendly, since you are dealing directly with the selling agent, you can simply call and ask any questions you have prior to bidding. No middle men or third party platform, you are ALWAYS dealing with your licensed and regulated Irish estate agent.

Registering to bid.

Our auctions are final sales, so we do need to know a bit about you: registration is straight forward but we do ask for some ID and a bidding deposit. The winning bidder's deposit is used to pay their contract deposit on the day of the auction and the unsuccessful bidders are refunded in full.


Each and every property has all of the legal documents available to read and study and these are provided by the vendors solicitor. You will need to create your account to access these.

It is important that you and your legal advisor review these documents prior to auction as the successful bidder will be contractually bound to pay 10% of the purchase prices and complete the purchase forthwith. All buyers will need to be funded and be in a position to complete the sale when bidding.

All queries of a legal nature should be sent by email to the vendors solicitor well in advance of the auction day.

Bidding and buying

Registration is easy to follow, we need your personal details and proof of address as well as ID.

Your booking deposit of €5,000.00 is taken on registration, and all of the financials are handled by Stripe, so we never see your cards details or hold your money, it’s safe at all times in the Stripe system.

Each and every bidder goes through the same process, the process is transparent and all parties are treated fairly and equitably.

You can be secure in the knowledge that every bidder is real, has paid their deposit, and is there to do business.

A reserve is set on each property and a minimum bid levels are advised. Bids can increase only by the set amount, usually €1,000 and bids can be increased by any multiple of this.

Closing and winning bids

Once the auction ends the successful bidder is contractually bound to pay a 10% deposit within 48 hours. Their booking deposit will go towards this.

All bidders give authority to French Estates to sign contracts on behalf of their behalf at the close of the auction and we will contact you immediately.

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you through the process and you can contact us at any time by phone or email with questions.

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